This collection is named after one of the co-founders late mother, she was the first investor into the business and the brands BIGGEST Cheerleader. She was there for the brand throughout the struggles and helped get the brand off the ground. We lost her last year while working on bringing this range to life so the range is in honour of her and her unwavering belief on the brand. We chose the Constitution Hill, Women’s Jail as the place to host the intimate launch due to the richness of the space. We were honoured to be in the presence of powerful women who are also no longer above the ground. We sourced our strength from their stories and as a form of respect, we ran the entire show barefoot. We were in a sacred space and chose to honour the women that made it possible for us to live out their wildest dreams.

The range stretches Siko Republik to new territories like tennis wear, skirts, costumes & dresses. We also have our first UNISEX jacket as we aim to be more inclusive with the brand. We aim to share the beauty of South Africa through our Nguni print led range with the rest of the continent & world.